Peer Enhancement for Teaching Excellence

Guidelines for operation 2018-19 (as a pilot)


  • Peer Enhancement is designed to help colleagues reflect on, and improve, their teaching in line with Departmental and School priorities to raise the quality of the student learning experience. This is achieved through observation activity and/or purposeful enhancement activities.
  • The scheme involves all colleagues who are directly engaged in teaching or supervision activities and encourages a wider engagement with other professional staff.
  • Heads of Department are asked to ensure that reflection on the outcomes of this process forms part of the annual PDD discussions.

Heads of Department/Schools should be aware that:

  • The scheme is currently in pilot and will replace the annual process of peer observation of teaching or marking from 2019-2020;
  • The proforma for recording the outcomes of enhancement activities aligns with the expectations of the TEF, namely teaching quality, learning environment and student outcomes and learning gain. Any theme within these areas is suitable for teaching enhancement;
  • The scheme does not replace, but may supplement, other means to assure teaching quality, which will still be required as part of the process of assuring academic standards, such as module or programme review, moderation of marking and;
  • Observation of Teaching will continue to be undertaken to support academic staff currently on probation.

Read more about operation of the Peer Enhancement for Teaching Excellence scheme in 2018-2019.


Please contact Frances Deepwell, Director of the Leicester Learning Institute if you are interested to find out more.

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