Peer Observation of Teaching

Why peer observation of teaching?

Image of teaching session in progress

The peer observation of teaching process provides both the observee and the observer with the opportunity to mutually enhance the quality of their teaching practice. It also provides an opportunity to disseminate good practice amongst colleagues by sharing thoughts on teaching practice and supporting each other’s development of teaching skills.

The peer observation of teaching is a cyclical, iterative and reciprocal process and not a one-off event. The 'Peer Observation of Teaching' scheme at Leicester operates every two years, in alternation with the Peer Observation of Marking scheme.

The scheme should operate across departments, rather than within departments as has been the practice in previous years. This will enable a wider exchange of practice through staff observing and discussing teaching practice with colleagues from cognate disciplines.

How do I go about the process?

A Peer Observation of Teaching Record has been specifically created to assist you with this process. Your College may have particular requirements for the operation of its peer observation of teaching scheme so please contact your Department or School’s Academic Committee member.

The scheme operates for all teaching staff (both on campus and distance learning) other than those on probation for whom arrangements for the monitoring and assessment of teaching are already in place.

A briefing session schould be scheduled before the paired members of staff before the observation to discuss arrangements, areas and methods of observation. Observees use Section 1 of the Record form to document the focus of the observation and share it with their peer observer.

Areas for consideration for the self-assessment of teaching skills and peer observation of teaching will have been agreed by the Colleges. The Peer Observation of Teaching Record outlines the following areas for consideration:

  • preparation and planning
  • classroom management
  • feedback and assessment (inside the classroom)

The peer observer will use Section 2 of the Record form during the observation. Observees need to ensure that students are informed of the reason why another member of staff is attending the class.

A debriefing session is held promptly (no later than 48 hours) after the teaching observation where the peer observer provides feedback on the teaching session and the observee has the opportunity to reflect on the session using observations noted in Section 2 of the Record form.

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