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Our new website is now live! Look for information, resources and case studies at: www.dip.le.ac.uk. Currently we have 23 staff-student partnership projects up and running, details are below. As new projects are confirmed we will update this page.

College of Life Sciences

Alan Cann
(Digital Advocate)

Tally Came (Student Digital Associate)
Shaun Heaphy (Staff Digital Innovator)

Biological Sciences

Aims to increase class engagement in lectures through the introduction of Tophat. Interactive questions, diagrams and anonymised message boards will be developed using Tophat.

Stephanie Bidwell (Student Digital Associate)
Katherine Clark (Staff Digital Innovator)

Biological Sciences

Development of an interactive tool in Articulate that will transform a problem-based exercise into an engaging digital activity suitable for larger audiences. The exercise covers the basics of metabolism and will provide useful feedback to students as a base for future learning.

Glen Willet (Student Digital Associate)
Sinead Drea
(Staff Digital Innovator)

Biological Sciences

Project aims to record Majorca fieldwork demonstrations. The recordings will be developed in collaboration as teaching resources for 1st year students. Initial intention is to use GOPRO as a recording device but other mobile devices are also being considered.

Mohamad Abdulwhhab (Student Digital Associate)
Primrose Freestone (Staff Digital Innovator)

Infection, Immunity & Inflammation

This project aims to develop an interactive storyboard exercise in PowerPoint to help microbiology students understand the impact of infectious diseases and how they are investigated whilst having fun.

Terese Bird
(Digital Advocate)

Ivana Osredek (Student Digital Associate)
Sarah Gretton (Staff Digital Innovator)

Biological Sciences

Transforms collaborative peer-marking into a digital format. This aims to improve student engagement and understanding in lessons.

Alex Rud (Student Digital Associate)
Karl Herbert (Staff Digital Innovator)

Biological Sciences

Investigating how Panopto recordings can be used to explain key biological concepts to those without a Biology A Level.

Vanessa Rodwell (Student Digital Associate)
Nasif Mahmood (Staff Digital Innovator)


Looking to create virtual simulation using Google Cardboard to improve student confidence in the medical environment.

Thanin Ong (Student Digital Associate)
Vageesh Jain (Staff Digital Innovator)


Looks into the development of a trial storyboard game which aims to improve students' clinical decision making.

Anisha Abayakoon (Student Digital Associate)
Andrew Gulley (Staff Digital Innovator)

Physiology & Pharmacology - Operating Practice

Focuses on the creation of e-portfolios for student class notes. The interactive format of these notes will enhance students' understanding of lecture material in the course.

Olivia Bennett (Student Digital Associate)
Nicola Clague-Baker (Staff Digital Innovator)


This project involves the building of digital material for a new course in September 2018. A playlist of apps and learning videos will be co-created by students and presented in Blackboard.

Hannah Jarvis(Student Digital Associate)
Sundeep Watkins (Staff Digital Innovator)


Producing an online information pack for first year undergraduates. This will contain a number of interactive materials designed to equip students with the mind-set needed to engage with degree level study.

College of Science and Engineering

Partners Project

Richard Blackburn
(Digital Advocate)

Tabitha Watson (Student Digital Associate) 
Duncan Parker (Staff Digital Innovator)


Tests students' understanding of participant experiment safety through storyboard-based learning. 3-5 different outcomes will be generated, based on the students decisions in the adventure.

Nikita Lack (Student Digital Associate)
Paul Cullis (Staff Digital Innovator)

Chemistry & Organic and Biological Chemistry

Working on a series of short instructional animations to facilitate student building of chemical structures and transition states that can be deployed ahead of lectures. From this students should be able to utilise their pre-built models to improve their understanding of molecule shapes/orientations and their spatial distribution of atoms.

Megan Harmsworth (Student Digital Associate)
Andrew Hudson (Staff Digital Innovator)


Looking into the use of OneNote as a shared resource to support new learning ideas within learning and teaching.

Ioannis Kyriakopoulos
(Digital Advocate)

Ashraf Attia (Student Digital Associate)
Marina Marinelli (Staff Digital Innovator)



Considers using institutional technologies, such as Microsoft Office 365 Teams, to improve the quality of student feedback for staff teaching.

Rob Thornton (Digital Advocate)

Lorcan Kelleher (Student Digital Associate)
Mateusz Bocian (Staff Digital Innovator)


Working on a small-scale project to envision the use of augmented reality in learning.

Aaron Cawte (Student Digital Associate)
Cheryl Hurkett (Staff Digital Innovator)


Informatics & Interdisciplinary Science

Aims to evaluate the use of Microsoft Office 365 Teams in learning and teaching.

Ruslan Davidchack (Digital Advocate)

Octavia Hailes (Student Digital Associate)
Edward Hall (Staff Digital Innovator)

School of Mathematics

Focusing on the use of electronic work submission in teaching and learning.

Matthew Norris (Student Digital Associate)
Andrew Tonks (Staff Digital Innovator)

School of Mathematics

Implementing the use of electronic marking for student work submission.

College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities

Jeremy Turner (Digital Advocate)

Amelia Reed (Student Digital Associate)
Matthew Allen (Staff Digital Innovator)

School of Business

Producing an interactive map of the campus for new students, which captures the space, place and physicality. This will familiarise new students with the university campus before they arrive.


Gina Fox
(Digital Advocate)

Taylor Bowers
(Student Digital Associate)

Claire Vanneck
(Staff Digital Innovator)


Creating vlogs for enhance the process of creating dissertations for current students.

Poppy Crow, Joeseph Lubinski
& Hayal Tapki

(Student Digital Associates)
Andrew Newton
(Staff Digital Innovator)



Enhancing the accessibility of course materials for all students using digital applications.

Anthony Berry (Digital Advocate)

Edward Jones (Student Digital Associate)
Pascale Lorber (Staff Digital Innovator)


Working on the creation of digital materials, such as an app to aid Distance Learning students in Law. The idea would be to pull existing Distance Learning resources together in one place.

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