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About the Digital Innovation Partnership

The Digital Innovation Partnership is a Digital Strategy project and an on going collaboration between the following colleagues from across the University of Leicester:

  • Dr Ross Parry (Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor - Digital)
  • Nevin Moledina (Senior Project Manager - Digital Strategy)
  • Dr Frances Deepwell (Director Leicester Learning Institute)
  • Professor Jon Scott (Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Student Experience)
  • Liz Bailey (Director IT Services)
Leicester Learning Institute Support team:
  • Dr Alex Patel (Educational Developer - Digital)
  • Dr Mark van der Enden (Project Officer Staff Student Partnerships)
  • Bethany Cox (DIP Strategy Intern)
  • Steve Rooney (Learning Development Manager)
  • Stephen Walker (Educational Developer - Digital)
  • Caroline Smith (Educational Designer)
  • Matt Mobbs (Learning Technologist)
With thanks to the college teams we have consulted with so far:

Prof. Graham Wynne, Dr Dylan Williams, Dr Alan Cann, Dr Chris Wilmott, Dr Sarah Gretton, Dr Roger Dickinson and Dr Tracey Dodman.

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