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This page is intended to provide support information and resources to help you implement the University of Leicester Regulations as they pertain to Assessment and Feedback - Senate regulations 5 to 8

Senate Regulation 5

Regulations governing undergraduate programmes of study.

(explains what you need to do to progress from one level to the next and how degrees are awarded and classified if you are an undergraduate student.)

Regulations 5.6 to 5.7 lay out the regulations regarding the number of credits needed for the award of various degrees.

Regulations 5.8 to 5.11 lay out the regulations regarding assessment methods, where module marks are derived from, what constitutes course credit and what the pass mark is. These regulations are pertinent to module specification.

Regulations 5.12 to 5.15 lay out the regulations regarding progression.

Regulations 5.16 to 5.24 lay out the regulations regarding re-assessment.

Regulations 5.25 to 5.28 lay out the regulations regarding repeating a year.

Regulations 5.29 to 5.33 lay out the regulations regarding how many credits are needed, at each level, to be considered for a Bachelor Degree.

Regulations 5.34 to 5.35 lay out the regulations regarding degree classification and may be useful to consult when selecting language to use for defining criteria and their descriptions.

Regulations 5.36 to 5.38 lay out the regulations regarding credit weighting and may be useful when helping students to understand the overall contribution of any single assessment (Note: final year assessments carry more weight).

Senate Regulation 6

Regulations governing taught postgraduate programmes of study

(explains all of this for postgraduate students.)

This regulation essentially covers the same ground for Postgraduates as Senate Regulation 5 did for Undergraduates. It offers a useful source of information for module specification and for writing assessment criteria and their descriptors.

Senate Regulation 7

Regulations governing the assessment of taught programmes

(includes information on how the University manages assessments and what happens if you have mitigating circumstances and can't attend an assessment or exam.)

The quality office provide guidance on marking moderation that is available for download from the Senate Regulations page. The Leicester Learning Institute also provide practical advice on marking and feedback and on moderation of assessment.

Senate Regulation 8

Regulations governing examinations

(how exams are managed and what to do (and not do) in exams.)

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