Support for Assessment Strategy

This page provides information and resources to support the implementation of the University of Leicester Assessment Strategy and the accompanying Self-Assessment Tools.

While using the Self-Assessment Tools, the following links provide useful resources appropriate to each of the six Design Principles.

Design Principle 1

Our assessments will be for and of learning

  • Does your assessment only assess whether your students have attained the module ILOs?
  • Do you use assessment techniques to create activities that build a students understanding of the subject?
  • Consider ways in which you can encourage students to think about how outcomes of the current assessment and formative activity contribute to future assignments and activities.

Design Principle 2

Our assessments will be coherent at programme level

Design Principle 3

Our staff and students will be assessment literate. Implicit and explicit elements of assessments will be included in programme design and be used to deliver agreements in the Feedback Charter

Design Principle 4

We will harmonise assessment and re-assessment workload to ensure loads are appropriate and reasonable

Design Principle 5

Our assessments of learning will aim to be authentic, show achievement of threshold standards and stratify student achievement

Design Principle 6

Our assessments will align with the UoL Digital by Default strategy

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