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This step considers the development of assessment literacy of students - and staff

Supporting the assessment process

To enable all students to achieve their best in every assignment, students need support to understand the process. Specifying includes the production of a clear, understandable assignment brief whilst Marking and Feedback relies on a shared understanding of the evaluative judgements made by staff and the feedback given to students.

Between handing out the assignment brief and handing back the marked work, activity within this step is aimed at helping students to become independent learners. Activities which encourage students to: engage with content, self-assess their performance and use feedback on their work all contribute to the development of assessment literate and self-directing students.

See our pages on Formative Assessment Principles
and Formative Assessment Activities
for more ideas about supporting your students
to develop their assessment literacy

Supporting students to become assessment literate can be achieved in relatively simple ways such as discussion activities that focus on:

  1. understanding the assignment brief, including where to find this on Blackboard;
  2. planning the assignment;
  3. reviewing examples of work you are asking students to produce (using the assessment criteria). Find examples at dissertations@leicester or exampapers@leicester;
  4. individual, peer, or group feedback on draft assignments.


Finally, in this step, it is important to ensure your students know how to: navigate to the assignment brief, submit assignments and retrieve feedback.


This article by Nicol and Macfarlane-Dick (2007) outlines 7 principles of effective feedback to promote self regulation

This report on Supporting, produced by JISC, provides more information and links to additional resources.

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