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The submission process is an important component of robust and efficient assessment.

Submitting work for assessment

An assignment handling system has a number of important features apart from the obvious 'handing in' of students' work :

  • Receipting -  providing a date and time to indicate that the assignment was handed in on time
  • Mitigating Circumstances - enabling the Professional Services Team to identify and apply appropriate mitigation
  • Anonymity - preserving student anonymity for summative assessment "unless in the view of the school there are sound educational reasons for not doing so" see Senate Regulation 7
  • Academic integrity - verifying the academic integrity of a submission using originality checking software such as TurnItIn
  • Marking load - distributing work for marking
  • Providing Marks - recording marks and, when marking is anonymous, ensuring marks are correctly allocated
  • Providing Feedback - delivering feedback and, ensuring it is delivered to the correct individual or group
  • Record keeping - archiving the assessed submission, the feedback and the allocated mark for internal and external moderation in line with General Data Protection Regulations

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This report on Submitting , produced by JISC, provides more information and links to additional resources.

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