Recording Grades

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How and where you record a students grades will impact on where they get to see the grade and whether they get to see the associated feedback.

It is possible to create columns in the Blackboard
Grade Center in order to record grades (there is
no need to assess in Blackboard to do this).
This is especially useful if you wish to record
the grade after marking something ephemeral
such as a performance.


The student record system (SITs) is the definitive source of grading information. What can be recorded in SITs will depend on how the module assessments were specified in the module specification. Prior to being entered into SITs, grades may be collated from various sources (including Blackboard, and spreadsheets) by your Professional Services Team (PST).

If grades are recorded in Blackboard then students can access them and, importantly, their feedback via MyGrades in Blackboard. If the grades are only recorded and made available via SITs, students will only be able to see their grade in MyStudentRecord, but they may not see any results until the end of term and they certainly cannot access their feedback this way.

It is important to be clear where marks are recorded and when so that there is an audit trail. Some marks get recorded in Blackboard and remain there until ratified. Depending on the process of your department's PST, marks may get transcribed from Blackboard into a spreadsheet before being transferred to SITs as provisional marks, downloaded for the exam board and updated to final mark status in SITs. It's a good idea to discuss the mark recording process with your PST to ensure as few opportunities for transcription errors as possible and to ensure that students can be informed about what marks they are seeing where.

This report on Recording Grades, produced by JISC, provides more information and links to additional resources.

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