Proposing a new course

The initial idea for a new programme can come from a number of sources: sometimes initiated within a department following a review of existing curricula, or the arrival of a new subject specialist; sometimes devised as a partnership across departments; other times determined at a College or University level for strategic purposes.

New programme plans are normally built into the rolling College Plans, which will dictate the broad timescale for delivery.

What do I need to do now?

At this stage you will need to:

  • Decide what the main aims of your new programme are, and what benefits it will offer for the university, department and students. Check that there are no similar programmes already on offer in other Schools.
  • Discuss your programme idea with your Head of School and any colleagues in your own or partner departments who could be involved in designing and delivering the programme.
  • Get in touch with your College Programme Portfolio Development Group (PPDG) who will help you through the process. Through that group you will be allocated a Curriculum Designer from the LLI who can help you with the design.

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