University Values & The Leicester Graduate Profile

University values

The University of Leicester is a global university, founded with the aim of providing hope for the future. We are committed to making the world better for present and future generations through our teaching and research.

The University aspires to make a positive difference in the local and wider community, recognising that we are part of a global community spanning generations. The University wants to help our city meet its environmental, social, and educational challenges, preserving our heritage for the future, and contributing to a diverse and flourishing world. Our commitment to a sustainable future for all requires long-term thinking and socially responsible behaviour.

We see education is a transformative process and a social good. Our aim is to nurture the talents of our students and to enable them to develop freely. In this way, we hope to enable our students to grow as individuals and contribute to their communities in positive and sustainable ways.

The University will lead by example, and we want our students do the same.

The Leicester Graduate Profile

The University’s values mean that it is committed to developing students who can think and act sustainably. We aspire to produce graduates with skills and knowledge that not only allow them to succeed, but also enrich and sustain the world.

The University’s teaching is aimed at fostering excellence in its students. We want our graduates to be creative, open, and resourceful, as well as respectful of the freedom, dignity, and wellbeing of others. The Leicester graduate should understand the importance of sustainability and recognise their global responsibilities. As a result of the education we provide, they should be equipped to live and work in ways that make a positive environmental and social difference.

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