Career Development Service

The Career Development Service have developed a Skills for Sustainable Development Framework support academics in identifying and incorporating these aptitudes.

University Online Course

Learn more about sustainability via the University’s own online course “Sustainable Futures

Quality Assurance Agency

QAA Education for sustainable development: Guidance for UK higher education providers (additionally many QAA subject benchmarks also reference Sustainability)

Higher Education Academy

The HEA Future Fit Framework is an introductory guide to teaching and learning for Sustainability in HE, including practical examples of how ESD can incorporated in subjects as diverse as English and Psychology

NUS A-Z of Sustainability

The National Union of Students has created a created a new A-Z guide featuring examples of sustainability in the curriculum, from Art to Zoo Management.

Examples of Teaching

Examples of existing UoL teaching

Questions to generate ideas

(source Education for sustainable development: Guidance UK higher education providers)

Debating sustainability/sustainable development

  • How does education for sustainable development relate to my subject area or discipline?
  • To what extent am I already covering sustainable development issues referred to in this guidance? How can I make those features more explicit?
  • What types of sustainable development case studies exist within, and are applicable to, my discipline?
  • Where knowledge is contested, or values are involved, what position will I take in a presentation or discussion? Should I state my views at the outset?
  • How will I handle the provisional and ever changing nature of knowledge about sustainable development?

Engaging students

  • How can I help students develop interdisciplinary thinking and encourage them to take a holistic approach?
  • If many of my students perceive sustainable development as solely or primarily an environmental issue, how can I ensure they understand the balance between society, economy and environment?
  • The words 'sustainability' and 'sustainable development' do not resonate with the vocabulary commonly used in my discipline. What alternative words and concepts could I use to engage my students?
  • What vocabulary might need to be shared in order for us to engage in multidisciplinary discussion?
  • How can I make best use of students' prior learning about sustainable development to enhance the curriculum?
  • How can I encourage students to understand a range of cultural perspectives on problems relating to sustainable development?
  • How can I involve students in the development of the education process?

Engaging colleagues

  • How can I engage my colleagues and teaching team in this?

The learning environment

  • How can I provide learning opportunities that have authenticity, enabling students to relate their knowledge and skills to real-life problems, both locally and globally?
  • How do I create a learning environment in which the personal views of individual students about sustainable development can be safely shared and evaluated?
  • To what extent is cultural diversity reflected in the student body? How can I adapt for similarities and differences?
  • Are there ways in which it would be appropriate for me and/or my students to explore and evaluate sustainability practices within our own institution?

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