Voting systems

"Enhancing student engagement and assisting peer learning using voting systems." Cas Kramer, Department of Genetics and Mark Leyland, Department of Biochemistry, University of Leicester

Presented at the Focus On: Technology Enhanced Learning for Student Engagement day on Wednesday 17 December 2014

Recording (10 minutes)


Cas and Mark use the TurningPoint voting system for interactive sessions with groups of 250 medical students in a lecture theatre. They provide one ‘keepad’ handset per 2-3 students, meaning that the students work in small groups. They present a case study followed by a question. The students discuss the questions in their group and agree on a vote. The results of the votes help to shape the session, with more time being spent on explaining topics where there is less consensus in the voting.

More recently, they have tried replacing one lecture out of four with an interactive session, providing material for guided private study beforehand in a ‘flipped classroom’ model.

They have found that the interactive sessions enhance student engagement with the material and assist peer learning. Feedback from students has been positive.

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