Micro-feedback in discussion posts

"Micro-feedback in discussion posts. HS1000: Great History Conundrum." Alex Moseley, Leicester Learning Institute and Nick Palmer, School of History, University of Leicester

Presented at the Focus On: Assessment and Feedback day on Friday 1 May 2015


 https://youtu.be/9i7d2sWFKcw (14 minutes)


The Great History Conundrum is a course run for Historical Studies undergraduate students in which students solve a number of puzzles, for which they get points that are displayed on a leader board.  As part of the course, the students have to describe how they solved the puzzle, or the steps they took in attempting to solve the puzzle, in a discussion forum in Blackboard. Postgraduate students moderate the discussions, providing micro-feedback to help students develop their understanding, and mark the posts. Marking is done to a clear, open rubric that is visible to both students and markers. The feedback cycle is very quick, for example initial comments and responses from the students typically take place within 48 hours.

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