Student perceptions of embedded employability skills

"Student perceptions of embedded employability skills" Dr Sarah Gretton, Centre for Interdisciplinary Science and Professor Derek Raine, Centre for Interdisciplinary Science

Presented at the 3rd Annual Learning and Teaching Conference on Tuesday 30 June 2015.

Recording (16 minutes)



The talk will discuss the variety of authentic or real-world assessments (Ashford-Rowe et al., 2014) through the Natural Sciences programme and how they are supported.  We will present the results of an undergraduate pedagogic research project soliciting the views of our students and recent graduates on their professional development through the programme.  We will report on the skills undergraduate students’ rate as important and their perceived confidence in these skills. Interviews with graduates offer further insight into the competencies developed during the programme and how they relate the work of employment.  We will also discuss how, in some cases, these graduate views contrast with those of the undergraduates.

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