Social media for employability

"Social media for professional development and employability" Terese Bird, Department of Medical and Social Care Education and Dr Alison Fox, School of Education

Presented at the 3rd Annual Learning and Teaching Conference on Tuesday 30 June 2015.

Recording (14 minutes)



Social media is often associated with behaviour not helpful for employability: time-wasting, cyber-bullying, and worse.  At the same time, recent studies highlight social media being used for successful building of professional communities of practice and continuing professional development.  Digital and social media communication skills are growing in importance for every industry, most notably in business and creative industries, but also in the charitable and public sectors.  Therefore, an awareness of a professional use of social media for academic as well as extra-academic endeavours, and a careful consideration of one’s digital profile, may form a useful part of a student’s overall personal portfolio.  This presentation shares examples of higher education student uses of social media to develop a professional community of practice which they may continue developing throughout their careers, as well as findings from research on why teaching practitioners do and don’t use social media as continuing professional development, to build the case for students to gain fluency in social media communications and self-profiling as employability skills.

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