Simulating a real-world group challenge in the curriculum

"Simulating a real-world group challenge in the curriculum: a collaborative approach" Matthew Mobbs, Leicester Learning Institute. Rajinder Bhuhi and Kimberley Smith, Career Development Service. Dr Guy Barefoot, History of Art and Film

Presented at the 3rd Annual Learning and Teaching Conference on Tuesday 30 June 2015.



This talk will share the experience of co-delivering an innovative first year module between the Department of History of Art and Film, Career Development Service and Leicester Learning Institute.  We will explore the benefits and challenges of simulating a workplace scenario and developing transferable skills, such as team working and digital skills.  The module combines theoretical elements of a history of art and film, alongside a real-world practical challenge, with input from industry experts and university professional services.  Students work in teams to develop a proposal and website for a mock film and art event, both parts of which are summatively assessed.  From next year students will be formatively assessed on the progression of their ideas, as they will present at the midway point, to gain feedback useful for their final presentation.  Challenges have included over-assessing the module, and pre-entry knowledge of the student body, which will be expanded on in our presentation.

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