Developing an alumni mentoring scheme

"Developing an alumni mentoring scheme" Korin Grant, Department of Economics. Louise Green and Jai Shah, College of Social Science

Presented at the 3rd Annual Learning and Teaching Conference on Tuesday 30 June 2015.

Recording (23 minutes)


During 2014-15 the College of Social Science ran a mentoring programme for 75 undergraduate students using 53 alumni as mentors.  Students were paired with alumni based on their careers aims and were supported in the initial development of the relationship.  The majority of mentoring took place over email, although some mentors and students augmented this with Skype, telephone and face-to-face meetings.  Students were asked to keep a regular blog as a record and insight into their mentoring relationship.  The mentoring took place over a three month period, ending in March 2015.  The evaluation of the programme consisted of feedback from students and alumni and detailed analysis of the student blogs.  Initial results indicate that the mentoring relationships centred on career stories, industry specific work experience and routes into employment.

Could mentoring be a helpful bridge towards graduate employment?  In this nano-presentation we will review the project, the evaluation and next steps for the scheme for 2015-16.

This project aimed to impact on students’ career management skills by providing them with the opportunity to gain labour market information and to establish effective relationships in their chosen field.  The evaluation suggests that much of the mentoring discussions were focused around career information and that both student and alumni were satisfied with the outcomes.  In terms of outcomes, we are pleased with the sign up and engagement of students, with 75 completing the full programme.  Another area of impact to be further explored is the way in which this project has (re) engaged 53 alumni to the UoL community.

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