Blackboard portfolios

"Creating a Virtual Space for Personal Development using Blackboard Portfolios." Elizabeth Cornish, Careers Development Service, University of Leicester

Presented at the Focus On: Technology Enhanced Learning for Student Engagement day on Wednesday 17 December 2014

Recording (9 minutes)


Blackboard portfolios are being used as an area for students to record and reflect on their learning in the Leicester Award, which is a personal skills development programme. The Careers Development Service chose the Blackboard portfolios because they allow students to collect together information from workshops, other experiences and reflections in one place. Assessment of the portfolios is streamlined, with all the evidence in one place. This is important because there are approx 1000 students and 25 tutors on the Leicester Award. The Blackboard portfolios are easily accessible to both campus-based and distance learning students. Students can share a snapshot with other people and download a copy at the end of their studies.

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