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The Leicester Learning Institute works to inspire better teaching, learning and assessment in higher education. We are a dedicated team of Teaching Fellows and professional colleagues who work closely with the PVC Student Experience and College Academic Directors to drive up the quality of teaching. We invite all members of the University to join us in this endeavour. You can sign up to our regular newsletter, attend our events or workshops, or arrange a conversation with one of us directly.

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Our commitments

Through our projects, programmes and College liaison activities, the LLI aims to meet the following commitments:

  • We will integrate technologies and innovative teaching techniques to drive up the quality and diversity of learning and assessment across all programmes by 2019;
  • We will bring together communities of academic practice on a regular basis in order to foster synergies between teaching, research and learning across the disciplines and roles in Higher Education;
  • We will work collaboratively with staff and students to raise confidence and abilities in redesigning academic programmes by September 2017 in order to deliver a high quality student-centred curriculum which fosters curiosity, criticality and creativity;
  • We will increase the percentage of academic staff with a recognised teaching qualification to 90% by the end of 2017;
  • We will seek out and use best evidence to inform the development of a new engaging online learning environment for 2017-20.

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