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How will I improve? Can I ask for specific feedback on these areas? Can I discuss it?

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Use it!

From the Feedback Analysis approach on the previous page you will have started to identify the following:

  • What have I done well, and I should continue to do?

  • What are the three main areas I need to improve for my next assignment? How will I improve - what's my plan of action?

You may have a good understanding of how you want to approach your next assignment to address these issues. Alternatively, you might want to actively develop certain knowledge or academic skills. You could can access a range of support from across the University, including the following:

Support from your personal tutor and department, including contextualised academic queries, discipline- or department-specific or queries.

Support for study skills development, including critical reading and writing, essays and dissertations, learning and revision and maths help.

Support for students with English as a second language/International students (ELTU), including in-sessional courses, writing consultations and independent learning resources around English Language.

Support for students with a disability, learning difficulty or long term condition, including consultations, advice around different disabilities and exam arrangements.

Support for IT skills development, such as accessing software and wifi, using Reflect, and software training.

Independent support from the Students' Union, including academic guidance, and signposting and well-being advice.

Once you have a plan of action, and have implemented it to improve your next essay, you might want to consider asking fro specific feedback on the areas you have been focusing on.

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