Writing takes too long

writing gets a lot of attention
writing can become stressful/frustrating; not enough time left for other aspects of essay writing
 Current Style of working

Writing Too Long Pie Chart



IMMEDIATE PRIORITY: develop a clear focus for your reading and note taking

Professional writers take many drafts and use a complex process of reviewing and editing before producing a finished piece of writing. In the same way, your first draft is only a starting point. Whilst you can plan the structure of the essay by using essay plans (such as those in linear form, thought maps or on index cards), it is in the later stages of review that the essay structure is refined and improved. Using the techniques below will help you to produce a first draft in a shorter time and thus leave more time to improve the structure of your essay through the reviewing process. To help you allocate more time to review, use the Improved Use of Time chart above to set a deadline by which you will have finished a first draft - no matter how imperfect. Remind yourself that the first draft will be improved later and use the techniques below to produce it within your deadline. As a starting point, consider which of the three options below is closest to your experience.


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