PDP for taught postgraduate students

Studying at postgraduate level is stimulating and challenging. It requires you to understand the expectations of postgraduate level work and to adjust and improve your own approaches to study, and develop your skills, in order to meet these expectations.

During your time as a postgraduate student, you will be encouraged to reflect on your progress and to think about areas for development and improvement. Indeed, if you are studying for a vocational, or vocationally-oriented postgraduate course, engaging in reflective practice and PDP may well be a fully integrated component of your course.

PDP opportunities supported directly by your department and may involve some, or all, of the following kinds of activities:

  • modules, workshops and resources designed to support your transition to postgraduate study;
  • workshops focussing on particular academic skills areas relevant to postgraduate-level study;
  • reflective individual and group learning activities, including reflective portfolios;
  • in the case of vocational or vocationally oriented courses, reflective activities, portfolios and assignments to support employment-based learning and development;
  • the opportunity to meet with your personal tutor to discuss your progress and development;
  • documentation to help you to record your progress, reflect on areas for improvement, and plan for your development;
  • dedicated employability and career-development activities, workshops and events;

Many of these PDP activities involve close collaboration between your department and relevant support services such as the Library, Learning Development, and the Career Development Service.