Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

How does it work?

Peer Assisted Learning involves student leaders (typically from the year above) facilitating discussion sessions for student participants from the year(s) below. The discussions can cover any aspects of study or the course that the participants would like to address.

Group of students in a class

What are the benefits?

  • It can help student participants make successful transitions to new stages of study (college to university, first year to second year) and enrich their learning.
  • It can help to build cross-year and student-staff links and relationships within a department.
  • PAL leaders gain the reward and satisfaction of knowing that they have helped fellow students on the course, have an opportunity to refresh their own subject knowledge and can develop and accredit employability skills such as leadership, facilitation, project management and communication.

Getting accredited

If you would like to gain official accreditation for your PAL leadership activities, you can do so via the HEAR or the Leicester Award for Employability. There are two levels of roles which you can take on and accredit: that of PAL Leader and Senior PAL Leader.

PAL Leader
Senior PAL Leader

I'm interested - what should I do next?

If your department already runs a Peer Assisted Learning scheme

If your department is already involved in PAL, you should hear about how to get involved through them. The roles of PAL Leader and Senior PAL Leader will typically be advertised at the beginning of the autumn term, and your department with alert you to the relevant application procedures.

If your department does not currently run a Peer Assisted Learning scheme

If your department does not currently run a PAL scheme, we can help in setting one up. You will need to gain the support of a member of staff within your department and/or a group of fellow students (for example, a student society), who we can work with on developing the scheme.

Speak to usIf you would like to speak to us about developing a PAL scheme in your department, please fill in the Expression of Interest form, and we will get in touch to discuss things further (university log-in required)

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