Study skills consultations

Advisory service

What we provide

These individual appointments provide study advice that is tailored to your aims and preferred ways of working. The advice is not subject-specific but instead focuses on general techniques and strategies that you can apply to your own subject area. We provide advice on developing the skills to be successful, independent students.

Please note, that at certain busier times of the year, you may have to wait a couple of weeks for an appointment, although we will do our best to arrange a consultation before this.

What we do not provide

We do not provide a proof reading or any kind of 'checking' service. For information and guidance on proof reading, please refer to the University of Leicester's Proof-Reading Rules. We cannot read whole drafts or check work, including whole chapters of dissertation theses. However, samples of work can be a useful focus for discussion. We are also not able to provide judgement on the quality of the work. This is, of course, a decision for the assessor of the work to make. We can, however, raise questions about structure and clarity and discuss with you ways in which you might improve upon these.

How we work

The study adviser will discuss with you the area you would like to develop and will identify strategies and techniques that you can put into practice. Consultations are usually 20 minutes in length, and you can make follow up appointments as necessary.

How to book

Click here to book a study skills consultation

What to bring with you

To get the most out of the consultations, please bring along any relevant materials to aid discussion. Examples of useful material to bring along:

  • marked assignments with tutors’ feedback;
  • work in progress (such as notes, essay plan or essay draft);
  • module handbooks;
  • assignment instructions;
  • timetables etc.

You can bring materials in paper format or on a memory stick (but we aren't able to print materials out). Please do not email any materials in advance. Materials can only be emailed by agreement with a study adviser following an initial consultation.

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