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Depending on the nature of your query, there are a number of people able to provide you with further support. Below is an overview of the different kinds of help and advice available, together with details of how to access the support.

Get help with maths and statistics

Help with: understanding and working through maths and statistics related content for your course.

Book an appointment with a Maths Help Advisor. Appointments available until 4:00pm daily (7:00pm on Thursdays).

Speak to an Academic Adviser

Help with: improving your ability to manage your studies, researching and writing assignments, preparing for exams and making sense of the feedback you receive. You can arrange your consultation to take place face-to-face or online.

Book a study skills consultation with an Academic Adviser.

Book a Librarian

Help with: finding information, literature searching, subject databases, referencing and bibliographic software such as RefWorks. You can arrange your consultation to take place face-to-face, or via telephone, Skype or e-mail.

Book an appointment with a Librarian.

Arrange a one-to-one IT help session

Help with: using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Blackboard and other essential IT topics.

Book an one-to-one IT help session with an IT Trainer.

Access support from the English Language Teaching Unit

Help with: using English for academic purposes if your first language is not English.

Apply for a writing consultation with an ELTU tutor.

Register for a non-credit course or workshop.

Seek advice and representation from the Students' Union Advice Service

Help with: a range of academic issues including mitigating circumstances, academic appeals and changing course.

Get help from the Students' Union Advice Service.

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