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The process of writing an essay does not generally proceed in a series of linear steps. Therefore, although we have included this section after Managing and organising the information, you might find that reading and writing support each other, and as our Writing Essays study guide says:

You can use the writing process to help you think through, clarify and develop your early ideas about how you might respond to the title that has been set.[…] It is often not until you try to communicate an argument and its evidence that you find where the gaps are, so don’t be afraid of writing down your ideas before they are fully formed, or in the ‘right’ order.

The resources below address the development of good academic writing. The Writing Essays study guide provides information and advice on the whole essay-writing process. There are also more specific guides on structuring writing through paragraphs and developing critical analysis, as well as a the Writing for science study guide, which discusses issues particularly relevant to that area of study.

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Studying online

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