Questions to ask of your introduction and conclusion

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This is one of a series of lists of questions, published in association with the study guide Writing essays. These are suggested questions to ask as you write your essay, and during the review and editing process. They can be asked in any order.

Questions to ask of your introduction

  • Have I shown that I understand the task that has been set?
  • If appropriate, have I started off broad then narrowed down to the focus of my essay?
  • Have I given an outline of the way I plan to respond to the title?
  • Is my introduction a true indication of what the reader is about to read?
  • Do I think that the reader will be confident, after he or she has read my introduction, that I have interpreted the title sensibly?

Questions to ask of your conclusion

  • Have I referred back to the title of the essay?
  • Is my conclusion genuinely well-supported by the evidence and argument that I have presented?
  • Is my conclusion directly relevant to the essay title?
  • Have I identified the most important conclusion, not just an interesting side issue?
  • Have I made sure that I have not introduced a new argument at this stage?

Be Alert! These are not necessarily the only questions you need to ask.

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