Questions to ask about interpreting essay titles

Mini guide

This is one of a series of lists of questions, published in association with the study guide Writing essays. These are suggested questions to ask before you begin to write your essay, but also during the review and editing process.

  • Have I identified absolutely every element of the title?
  • Have I thought carefully about the implications of every element of the title?
  • Have I spent enough time considering different possibilities for structuring the essay?
  • Have I decided on an essay structure that will address each aspect of the title appropriately?
  • Does the structure I have chosen give me the best chance of writing a good essay?
  • Have I identified where I need to focus my reading?
  • Have I planned what information I am looking for when I do the background reading?
  • Am I sure that I am not missing anything important in my interpretation of the title?

Be Alert! These are not necessarily the only questions you need to ask.

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