I feel anxious about essays so I avoid starting them

PRIORITY ACTION 1: improve your time management

Most people, at one time or another, put off things they don't like doing. Reasons for avoiding starting an essay may include: not being sure about what to include in the essay; being unhappy with the marks from previous essays; finding the process of writing stressful. Whatever the reason for your avoidance, it is important to recognise that avoiding the essay only adds to the anxiety. Make a start on the essay as soon as you get the essay title. This will help to reduce your anxiety by making you feel that you have at least made a start. To help you to make this early start, stop thinking about 'writing the essay' as one big task. It is in fact a series of small tasks that culminates in the outcome of an essay. You need to take each stage as a task in itself, and give your attention to it without worrying about the next stage. This will reduce the anxiety you felt from grouping these small tasks under the daunting heading of 'writing an essay'.

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