Template timetables to plan daily and weekly activities

Use these timetable templates to help you organise your time and your studies. You can use the four week and/or the three month planner to give you an overview of tasks to be done and upcoming deadlines. The week and/or day planner can be used to plan your activities in more detail at shorter timescales. To find out more about organising your time, see our time management study guide.

Day planner

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) printer-friendly version (PDF, 339 KB)

Word editable version (Word, 24.9 KB)

Week planner

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) printer-friendly version (PDF, 401 KB)

Word editable version (Word, 23.7 KB)

Four weeks

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) printer-friendly version (PDF, 341 KB)

Word editable version (Word, 45.9 KB)

Three months

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) printer-friendly version (PDF, 336 KB)

Word editable version (Word, 54.7 KB)

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