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This is where you'll find all our resources on study skills. In addition, you might also find it helpful to attend a related workshop or come to see us for a study skills consultation.

Active reading
Study guide
An overview of learning and revision techniques
This study guide provides a summary of the findings of a meta study which looked at the effectiveness of different learning techniques.
Analysing academic sources
Avoiding plagiarism
This study guide aims to help you to understand what plagiarism is in the context of academic work, and offers guidance on how to avoid it.
Avoiding plagiarism
Online interactive resource
Contributing to seminars and tutorials
This study guide offers practical strategies for participating in seminars and tutorials encouraging you to make the most of the opportunities for discussion and debate.
Evaluating websites
Exam stress
Study Guide
Improving your reading skills
Study guide
File Learning techniques
Summary of Dunlosky et al (2013) review of revision and learning techniques
Making the most of lectures
This study guide shows you how to make the most of lectures through the use of active listening skills and effective note taking techniques. These skills will help you produce clear, helpful notes that will be of use to you in all your study activities.
Study guide
Organising your time
Study guide
Reading and note making
Video Tutorial
Referencing and bibliographies
Study guide
Revision and exam skills
Study guide
Revision and exam skills - ten top tips for students
SlideShare resource
Successful group projects
This study guide has been written for students undertaking group projects as part of their course. It will help you to manage your group activities effectively, increase group performance and maximise the benefits of group assessment.
Thought mapping
Study Guide
Template timetables to plan daily and weekly activities

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Studying online

Studying online

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