Before you give a presentation


Before you go to give a presentation you might want to work your way through this checklist.


  • I have rehearsed my presentation.
  • I have rehearsed my presentation in front of a mirror.
  • I have given my presentation a trial run to a friend or colleague.
  • I have checked that my presentation runs to the time allotted.
  • I have taped/videoed myself and listened back to it.
  • I have prepared speaker notes or cue cards.
  • I have annotated my notes to help me get the emphasis right.
  • I have thought about where to breathe.
  • I have numbered my notes in case I drop them.
  • I have prepared any visual aids that I may need.
  • I have prepared any handouts that I wish to give out.
  • I have checked my facts.
  • I have done a grammar/spelling check.


  • I have confirmed that the audio-visual equipment I require will be in the room.
  • I have saved my PowerPoint presentation onto at least two formats (disc/USB/hard drive/email).
  • I have practised using any unfamiliar technology that I am going to use.
  • I have sourced an alternative version of any audio or video material (DVD and VHS).
  • I have seen the room that I am going to be presenting in or had it described to me.
  • I have turned off my mobile phone.
  • I have checked the start time.
  • Audience and other speakers

  • I have thought about who is going to be in the audience.
  • I have brainstormed a list of likely questions that I may be asked.
  • I have found out who else will be speaking and what they will be speaking about.
  • I have thought about any special needs my audience may have.
  • I have thought about ways to engage the audience in my presentation.


  • I have got enough sleep the night before.
  • I have considered how to combat my nervousness.
  • I have thought about my personal appearance.
  • I have looked after my health in the week preceding the presentation.
  • I have brought a bottle of water to drink if my throat gets dry.
  • I have thought about what else I am going to be doing that day.
  • I've eaten breakfast.

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