Getting started

green research question

Coming up with a research question

In the early stages of your dissertation you may be struggling to establish the exact research question that you want to use. This link takes you to a range of resources aimed to help you through that process.

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green reading planning

Early stages of reading and planning

This group of resources covers the early planning stages of your dissertation; your literature review; reading critically and making effective notes; and making sure you set reasonable boundaries around your reading, so you can be effective but also efficient.

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green time

How's your time management?

When you undertake a large scale project like a dissertation it is important to make sure you manage your time well. This link takes you to a range of resources aimed to support your effective management of time throughout your dissertation project.

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Studying online

Studying online

See our range of online resources to find out more about learning with Lecture Capture and preparing for forthcoming exams and assessments.