About us

Who we are

The Student Learning Development Team is, as our name suggests, made up of a group of people who share a committment to supporting learners at all levels to develop their skills and get the most our of their time at University.  The team consists of four members of staff who share a wealth of experience in the following areas:

  • secondary, further and higher education;
  • postgraduate research;
  • information and advice services.

Our chief aims are to provide and promote opportunities for students to develop their academic skills.

How we work

Providing comprehensive services for both campus-based and distance learning students, and working both in close conjunction with academic departments and centrally, we deliver academic skills training, including workshops and individual consultations. We also design and develop academic skills resources including study guides, videos and online tutorials.

At all stages, our work is informed by student and departmental feedback, as well as ongoing research into current approaches and developments in our respective fields of education and resource development. As well as continuously developing our practice, we are also regularly involved in disseminating and sharing our initiatives across the higher education sector.

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