Ensure you are ready and how to prepare for your upgrade to Windows 10.

1. Check whether you are ready to upgrade to Windows 10

Before you upgrade to Windows 10 you should consider which programs and services you need for your work:

  • Check the services that have been tested to work on Windows 10
  • Check the programs you need are available on Windows 10

If you cannot find a program or service you require on these lists, it may not be the right time for you to upgrade. If you have any questions you can contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

2. Complete the Windows 10 upgrade Checklist

When you upgrade some settings will be lost, so you will need to record these before you upgrade. How many settings you will need to record depends on which programs and services you use. You will need to reinstall most of your programs after the upgrade.

  • Download and fill out the Windows 10 upgrade checklist (Word document)
  • Save a copy of the checklist to your Personal Z: Drive > My Documents folder

3. Request to upgrade to Windows 10

Contact the IT Service Desk to arrange a convenient time to upgrade to Windows 10. The upgrade will take at least a morning or afternoon to complete, so you should think about your work commitments before arranging your upgrade.

Before you upgrade

Review your Windows 10 upgrade checklist to ensure you have recorded all settings. The IT Service Desk can help you with this, give them a call on 0116 252 2253.

Just before your appointment ensure you have closed any programs and saved any files you have open.

University staff laptop users

If you have a University staff laptop, it's important that you manually synchronise your files using the Sync Center prior to your upgrade, so that you don't lose files or delay your upgrade. You may want to do this the day before you upgrade, as it can take a while (possibly hours) to complete.

Preferably, your laptop should be docked and connected to the University network. However if you need to connect using wifi, ensure you are connected to uol-staff-managed-desktop rather than eduroam wifi or The Cloud.

During the upgrade

  • All local data and programs will be deleted from your PC. A backup will not be taken
  • If you use OneNote, record the location of where they are stored in the Windows 10 upgrade checklist
  • If you use the SAP client, record your favourites in the Windows 10 upgrade checklist
  • The upgrade will take around 3-4 hours
  • You should consider whether there is another PC you can use during the upgrade or plan other activities which does not require your University PC
  • Unfortunately, the engineer performing your upgrade will not be able to stay during your upgrade, as they have other upgrades to complete. If you experience an issue during or after the upgrade you can contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

After the upgrade

After the upgrade you will need to:

  • Go through your Windows 10 checklist to reinstate the settings you have recorded
    • If you use OneNote, navigate to the location your recorded and open the OneNote from there
  • Reinstall programs using the Software Center. It may take a while for all programs to appear
    • If you use SAP client, you will need to re-enter your favourites recorded in your upgrade checklist

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