Features and improvements

Day-to-day working

  • Faster login times. We are aiming to make the ‘average’ University PC faster to login than using Windows 7
  • New simpler ‘flat’ visual design and improvements to using multiple windows
  • Start menu now uses customisable tiles
  • Windows file explorer has been improved and includes a ‘ribbon’ menu similar to Office 2013/6
  • Notifications are improved and now show calendar appointments

See 10 new things about Windows 10 or the Windows 10 guide from GCFLearn for more information about Windows 10

Office 365 and Office 2016

  • Better integration with Office 365 and will enable future improvements that require Windows 10
  • Office 2016 will be installed when you upgrade to Windows 10.
  • PCs will be available in public areas for you to try out Windows 10 and test your programs

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