Windows 10 upgrade

The Windows 10 upgrade project has reached a significant milestone and some ‘early adopters’ are starting to upgrade to Windows 10. Student PCs will be upgraded during Summer 2018.

As part of Digital Campus improvements, Windows 10 will be introduced to University PCs.

This will provide a modern Operating System for staff and students to use and include new features, enable other benefits in Office 365 and ensure that University PCs continue to be supported by Microsoft.


Staff and Postgraduate researchers

When Windows 10 is made available, staff will be able to upgrade at a time of your choosing; when you are satisfied that programs and features that you need for your work are available. Initially some programs and features may not be available and will be added over time.

Further information will be provided close to the launch of Windows 10. This will include:

  • How to prepare, as there will be some things for you do before you upgrade
  • Test PCs in some public areas for you try out Windows 10 and test to make sure your programs work

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