Supported PC project

Support for staff members with University-owned computers.

Every day there are a number of potential risks to your work and data including virus, malware infection, lost data due to inappropriate storage or machine theft. To address this, we are introducing a new assurance programme which will ensure that all University-owned computers connecting to the University’s IT network will have effective security, storage and appropriate backup.

Whether you are a Windows, Mac or Linux user, you will have access to new tools that will provide greater protection for your work. Lost data can pose challenges for individuals, teams and the wider University and so this support policy, driven by members of the University’s Leadership Team, has been developed to help mitigate against these problems.

Assurance will be provided in several different forms, depending on the Operating System and its use. Each of these forms of assurance is explained on the following webpages:

Additionally, there is a Manual assurance process for Windows, Mac and Linux devices, whereby a device is assured through an audit. This approach is 'by exception', where a technical solution is not appropriate or feasible.

If you are a staff member with specialist technical or performance requirements for your research or teaching, you can still use your computer for your research activities. But you will now have a level of support in place that addresses the key risks for security and data loss. This programme has been designed to help you protect your work and data. You will still be able to have administration rights to your computer if required.

Once your device has been assured, it will be audited on a regular basis by a designated IT professional to ensure that it continues to be correctly and securely managed. Any changes to your device use, access requirements, location or owner, must be agreed by the relevant IT professional.

This policy has been developed to protect staff and our University from the penalties and loss of work and reputation associated with inadequate protection of research data.

This project is being overseen by a sub-group of the Research Information Advisory Group (RIAG). The members of this group are:

  • Professor Julian Ketley (Chair), Department of Genetics, College of Medicine Biological Sciences and Psychology
  • Dr John Pearl, Department of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation, College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology
  • Professor Tom Robinson, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology
  • Dr Mark Wilkinson, Department of Physics and Astronomy, College of Science and Engineering
  • Professor Mark Purnell, Department of Geology, College of Science and Engineering
  • Dr Penelope Allison, School of Archaeology and Ancient History, College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities

Please note: all University staff are expected to adhere to this policy. Staff will be contacted on an individual basis in the coming weeks on what they need to do to comply.

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