Office 365 staff email upgrade

Staff and Postgraduate Researchers (PGR) email accounts will be upgraded to Office 365 email around Easter 2017.

The staff email upgrade is part of the Digital Campus improvements and is one of the key strands of our Strategic plan.

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Your University email account will be moved to use Office 365 email and allow you to use many of the other great features of Office 365 currently available and planned in the coming months.


Students have been using Office 365 since summer 2012. Office 365 has seen many improvements over the last few years and we have completed our security assessments for using Office 365 email to store staff email and are confident this can now be used more widely by staff and PGR students.

Office 365 email will allow staff and students to gain from many of the other features and benefits of Office 365, such as collaborative working on documents.

The current email system used by staff and PGRs is at its end of life and so we need to upgrade.


It is anticipated that the staff email upgrade will have minimal disruption to staff and PGRs. Existing emails, calendar appointments and contacts will be migrated automatically.

You may need to make a few changes to your personal device, if it connects to your University email account or if you use shared mailboxes.

You will continue to use Outlook 2013 for now, this project concentrates on where your email is stored. By the end of the project all University email accounts will now be in Office 365 email.

Public folders

Public Folders have been used by some departments for shared calendars and contact lists. However they are no longer a strategic product for Microsoft and whilst they still provide some support for them, Office 365 Groups and other tools provide superior functionality.

The University has around 2,000 Public Folders, the vast majority are not actively used and in many cases the owner has left. This may represent a significant information assurance risk, which we need to address.

IT Service are going to be in contact with departments to understand how they are currently using Public Folders and help them to transition to using other tools. Public folders will no longer be available from the end of July 2017.


As part of the University's ongoing initiatives to protect the security of our data, we will no longer be offering access to mail using IMAP by default. IMAP will only be available to those users who have a genuine business need.

Following consultation with those who use IMAP a new Email Security policy has been published. Staff who require IMAP for their work can request access by completing the IMAP Access Agreement (login required). Read the new email security policy news item for more information.

IMAP users are likely to have made a conscious decision to use IMAP, so this is not likely to affect you unless you have chosen to use IMAP.


Staff email accounts will be upgraded around Easter 2017.

It is expected that staff may not be able to use their email account for about 20 minutes. You may need to complete a few tasks once your email has been upgraded. For some staff who use additional mailboxes, they may lose access temporarily, but this will be kept to a minimum.

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