Project portfolio

Project NameDescriptionDelivery
Project ExecutiveProject Manager
323 ParkIT Upgrade Maximise the potential revenue return from the allocation of Parking Permits, thus reducing the UoL subsidy for providing a parking service. • Ensure the operational efficiency of the system by ensuring the existing interfaces are fit for purpose and minimise the need for manual intervention. • Maintain the supportability of ParkIT by utilising a recent version with its associated bug fixes and improvements. • Ensure that those parking receive a good quality, accurate and timely service from the University’s parking process 2017 Tim Yates / Lorraine Saddington Richard Firth
329 P2P Improvements 2016 Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) refers to the business processes that cover activities of requesting (requisitioning), purchasing, receiving, paying for and accounting for goods and services.
• The project scope is restricted to SAP related changes and support relating to end-to-end P2P processes only.
• ITS support for changes to the 3rd Party AP Automation solution provided by Cogent Consulting will be restricted to specification and testing only.
• The scope is assumed to include all outstanding (Open) requirements (High, Medium and Low) as defined in the Business Requirements XLS.
2017 Richard Griffiths Nick Adkins
339 KX Upgrade & Registrations Implementation An upgrade to the RACS instance of Kx to the latest version of the software and to implement the Kx Registrations module to support conference delegate self-registration. 2017 Anne Harvey Lee Knapton
401 Office 365 To develop and implement various Office365 services across the University for staff and students 2017 Liz Bailey Rebecca Smith
402 SAP and SITS Obsolete Data Removal Implementation of the Records Management Policy for digital records in the SAP & SITS Systems 2018 Guy Reay Richard Firth
403 Windows 10 Deployment This project will deliver a sustainable Windows 10 based set of services for end users.  It will also provide the services necessary to efficiently and effectively manage, monitor, and deploy an end user computer environment. 2017 Chris Tilbury Richard Firth
405 FIM to MIM Upgrade Required maintenance to our identity platform to both ensure we continue to have a supported platform and can also benefit from improvements particularly around supported browsers for FIM Portal/SSPR. 2017 Chris Tilbury Nick Adkins
406 Office 365 staff email upgrade This project is to move the existing staff email into Office 365 alongside student email. The existing campus based email servers will be decommissioned and be replaced by a minimal footprint virtual exchange service to support cloud hybrid architecture in the short-medium term. 2017 Liz Bailey James Mostyn
407 BMS Upgrade An upgrade is required to the Schneider Electric StruxureWare BMS Enterprise Server to support operational expansion of the service. 2017 Richard Thomas Richard Firth
408 Web Communications Project Migration of all externally facing web content from Plone and CWIS onto SITECORE. Project will incorporate the upgrade of SITECORE and implementation of analytics and personalisation. Margot Burke Alex Hamilton
409 Brookfield Refurbishment The Estates project is to refurbish the Brookfield estate to create a School of Business site which will bring the University of Leicester School of Business (ULSB) academic staff, PhD students and Professional Services staff together in one location. 2018 Zoe Radnor Gary Painter
410 OSV Upgrade Required upgrade of our staff telephony service to remain within the supported configuration as agreed as part of our ongoing maintenance arrangements.  This upgrade includes the OpenScape Voice (OSV), Switchboard and Contact Centre services. 2017 Chris Tilbury Nick Adkins
412 Cross Campus Fibres Replace ageing cross campus network links and improve resilience and capacity. 2018 Chris Tilbury Ian Colledge
418 NI Implement a cloud based data warehouse to utilise the data processing power required without the need for investment in costly on premise infrastructure. 2019 Geoff Green Robert Fraser
419 Blackboard Upgrade Upgrade Blackboard service to its latest but one release and maintain service agreement with Blackboard Managed Hosting. Attempt to implement Single Sign On based on SAML authentication and ADFS. July 2017 Frances Deepwell Lee Knapton
420 RDM Discovery Tool This project is to deliver the ITS component of the implementation of the Research Data Management (RDM) Discovery Tool and its implementation. 2017 Joanne Dunham Nick Adkins
421 CSSAH PGR Study Rooms The provision of 70 new devices with associated networking and printing in Attenborough and 54 Princess Road East. The replacement of 65 existing devices which have gone beyond their usual refresh dates. 2017 Chetna Patel-Liburd James Mostyn
422 Application Tracking System This project is to implement a new application tracking system (ATS) in order to decommission I-Grasp as well as allow different types of workers to capture timesheet information. 2017 Kate Bradley Pete Evans
423 ISO27001 Secure Compute and Storage This project is to deliver a secure compute (and supporting storage) service to support research projects using sensitive data, where there is a requirement to process that data in an ISO27001 certified environment. 2017 Chris Tilbury Ian Colledge
424 Return to Work The purpose of the project is to enable HR to roll out and Return To Work process which will utilise functionality in SAP 2017 Emma Stevens Pete Evans
425 Building Management Network Create logical separation of network connectivity to improve security for key infrastructure such as CCTV, BMS, Fire/ Intruder alarms, door access control. Project will focus on key underpinning infrastructure and enablement for CCTV and SALTO door access control. 2017 Chris Tilbury Robert Fraser

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