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Questions about the project

What is the X: drive designed for?

The shared departmental X: drive is for use by staff or those carrying out staff duties and is used to store files and documentation that relates to the management and operation of the University. The majority of information relates to University departments but it also includes Committees, Projects or other University initiatives. It is specifically designed to allow information to be shared by individuals.

The X: drive is not designed for:

  • Data generated by research activities, which would be best stored on the Research File Store (Research R: drive)
  • Data owned and accessed only by an individual - the personal Z: drive is provided for this
  • Program data (such as Access databases)

Why was the X: drive reorganised?

A number of factors combined which made it necessary for the University to change the way it used the X: drive. These were:

  • To align and design a storage service to support new University wide Records Management and Data Management policies, and with external legislation like the Freedom of Information Act and the Data Protection Act.
  • An increasing number of data security incidents as a result of the mismanagement of folder and file permissions by staff
  • Operational problems relating to the recovery and restoring of information due to folder and file permission issues

What is different about the new X: drive?

There are four key differences between the old and new X:drive:

  1. Access to files/folders will be only be managed by the use of groups. These will be set up by IT Services via the IT Service Desk
  2. Membership of the access groups will be managed by the X: drive coordinator; a member of your department who will manage your X: drive
  3. The folder level at which permissions can be set will be tightly controlled and will be managed by the X: drive coordinator and maintained by IT Services on behalf of the department. Staff will not be able to change permissions on individual files or folders
  4. It is ‘free at the point of use’. Individual departments will not be charged for using the X: drive

Is there a charge for using the X: drive?

The X: drive is ‘free at the point of use’. However the storage has an associated cost to the University and departments will be asked to work with IT Services and Information Assurance Services to ensure that they follow University Record Management and Data Protection policies with respect to their usage and the length of time information is kept.

How do I request access to an existing X: drive folder?

If you require access to an existing folder then you should contact the X: drive coordinator of the department concerned and they will organise access to the folder for you.

How do I get a new departmental X: drive top-level folder?

Your Head of Department can request a new X: drive folder at the top level of the X: drive by contacting the IT Service Desk. These requests will be approved by IT Services management in line with an agreed policy.

Will I get an automatic quota like my Z: drive?

No, when you request a new top-level folder IT Service staff will contact you to discuss your requirements and agree how much storage space you need.

I already use the existing X: drive – do I need to register?

No, the plan is that IT Services will help departments who already use the X: drive and their staff to copy files and folders to the new department’s X: drive area.


General questions

When is the X: drive data backed up?

Backups will be taken nightly and held in a separate building for 28 days. Monthly backups are also taken and held for 12 months. In the event of a major incident (for example, the loss of a datacentre) it is possible that up to one business days data could be lost.

If you delete a file or folder they can be recovered from previous versions without the need to contact the IT Service Desk. It is possible to recover these files for 5 days or more.

What if I run out of space?

If you approach your agreed X: drive storage space, then you contact the IT Service Desk to ask for more space. IT Services will review your storage needs with you. Additionally IT Services will be monitoring usage and through the Partnering Team will contact areas who are approaching their capacity.

Can I access the X: drive from Windows, Mac and Linux PCs?

Yes, you can use the X: drive from any University PC on campus or access the X: drive off-campus.

How can I access the X: drive?

For a University PC or Laptop, the X: drive will be connected automatically. You can find it as the X: drive icon on the file explorer.

Can I access the X: drive off-campus?

Yes, provided your department has agreed to this, your X: drive will be available off-campus using MyFiles

Can I access the X: drive through wifi?

If you have a University staff laptop you will have full access to the X: drive using wifi. However if you are using eduroam wifi you will only be able to use files that are accessible off-campus. You can do this using MyFiles.

How do others, including external collaborators, get access to the X: drive?

The X: drive can be made available to anyone with a University IT account. It may be appropriate for external collaborators to have an external IT account. The Head of Department or DITC (Departmental IT Contact) can request an external account by contacting the IT Service Desk on behalf of the individual.

How can data be restored on the X: drive?

You can follow the instructions for how to request for accidentally deleted/changed files to be restored. If you further need help contact the IT Service Desk.

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