New features

Blackboard 9.1 offers many useful new features. In addition, it will bring other changes in the way you will work with Blackboard.

New features in Blackboard v9.1

Appearance and Navigation

The new version of Blackboard has a generally cleaner and less cluttered appearance. The arrows to reorder items and open menus only appear when you move your mouse over an item.

You can now use the browser's Back button when navigating around Blackboard. There is also a quick way to move between course sites using the course-to-course navigation option.

Course to course navigation

For more information, see Find your way around.

Content Areas

The menus have changed in version 9.1.

New menus

Content Items

There is a new Content Editor that has many advantages, including the ability to work in full screen mode and paste text from Microsoft Word without formatting problems.

When you attach a file to an item, the file is automatically added to the Content Collection. This will help you to manage your files better.

Content Collection

You will be able to upload multiple files or folders into the Content Collection using drag and drop, which is much quicker than the current method.

You can find more information on the Upload files page.

Embed YouTube Videos

The new Mashups let you easily embed YouTube videos, Flickr photos and SlideShare presentations in your courses.


  • You will be able to email your announcements to students.
  • It will be easy to display priority announcements first in the list.

See the Announcements page for more information.

Module Page

You can create a Module Page containing useful information and tools for your students, for example alerts for upcoming deadlines and information on how to use Blackboard. You could use this as a home page for your course site.

Learning Modules

You will be able to have a Table of Contents for your Learning Modules, making them easier to use. Also the Course Menu will no longer be hidden when you are viewing a Learning Module.

New Wikis and Blogs

The new version of Blackboard has different wikis and blogs. You will be able to create a wiki and blog for a Group as well as for the whole course site.

Grade Centre

There are many improvements to the Grade Centre in Blackboard version 9.1.

  • Needs Grading view making it easier to spot assignments that are waiting to be marked.
  • Favourite Smart Views added to the Control Panel so you can get to them quickly.  For example you could set up a favourite view that only includes one type of assessment (e.g. just assignments, or just tests).
  • Colour coding by status or grade range
  • Gradable rubrics.


Blackboard will have Timed tests that can be set to submit automatically when the time is up. You will also be able to use negative marking.

Changes to how Blackboard will be used

  • It is now possible for students to be enrolled onto Blackboard courses automatically, taking the information directly from the student records system SITS. The Student Services Centre will be working with Departments to implement this.
  • As a result of the project, the use of Blackboard will be standardised across modules and departments to make it easier for students to find information.

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