Features and improvements

Stage 1

The staff email upgrade initially provided:

  • More storage space - standard quota increased from 500MB to 5GB
  • The Outlook Web App (Webmail) has been redesigned and will work with most popular web browsers
  • New email archive facility - an archive storage space of 5 - 15GB was made available
  • Access to student email addresses via the Global Address List (GAL)

Stage 2 (from January 2014)

A further stage introduced the following features:

  • Friendly email addresses - staff can choose an email address which includes their full name and will be able to set it as their default address
  • Students can access staff email addresses through their address book
  • Personal archive folders (.pst files) can be moved into your mailbox - you can have one place to store your email, accessible from anywhere. If you need to archive you can use the email archive facility

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