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Can we print acetates and labels on the Smart Printers?

Yes, use the bypass tray for acetates and labels.

The screen on the device is really bright, can I adjust?

Yes, dependent on which device you have. There is either a dial next to the screen which adjusts the screen brightness or you can adjust the angle of the screen for a better view.

When you sign in, can the bleep sound be turned off?

No because it is a design feature.

What do you clean the touchscreen with?

You should use standard screen wipes, similar to those used for monitors and phone wipes.

Can I print a test page?

Yes, a test page can still be printed from printer properties.

With scanning can you change the output format?

The standard option is pdf but you can change it to others.

Why can I see other peoples documents in the print queue who are not in my department?

The print queues are shared across the University now and so all documents waiting to be released securely will be visible in the queue. This does not affect your service or your smart printer in any way, you just need to log in to your Smart Printer to print your personal documents securely (which retrieves the documents from this central queue).

Why is there a need for secure print, copy and scan?

Logging into the device is required for secure print release and secure scanning. It also provides management information on printing and copying across the University which will contribute to the management of the service and long term Sustainable Printing strategy.

How can I stay logged in after 60 seconds?

You will be automatically logged out from the Smart Printer after 60 seconds if there is no activity on the touchscreen. To stay logged in for longer tap More option. Automatic logout keeps the service secure for other users and prevents students being charged for someone else’s copying if they forget to logout.

Do you (IT Services) need copies of delivery notes?

No. However, if there are issues with the details on the delivery note contact the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253.

Can I release my printing on any Smart Printer in the University?

Yes, once you’ve sent your printing to the default print type Black2Sided on Staff-Printer or one of the other print types it is possible to release it on any staff Smart Printer. Staff can also use Student Smart Printers.

Do I need to order paper or is this provided by IT Services?

Paper for use in the Smart Printers is provided by IT Services. Your Superuser can contact the IT Service Desk to order it.

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