Benefits of the Smart Printers

Benefits reported by staff

  • The toners last longer than the old ones
  • The change over to the Smart Printers was smooth and well communicated
  • The secure print facility means staff do not have to collect their print out straight away
  • The communication was well written and it provided sufficient detail to get started
  • Queries on the service have been responded to very quickly
  • Extending the logout to 60 seconds has been much better
  • Using the scan facility means there is no need to carry paper to meetings

Benefits to the department

  • All Smart Printer costs, except paper are paid for centrally
  • Toner usage will be automatically monitored and the new toners will be sent by post just before they are required
  • The charges will be automatically collected, removing the need for the previous manual reporting process
  • Space saving with all three functions in one Smart Printer
  • Smart Printers are quicker (35 pages per minute rather than 18), and more resilient than the Canons and Ricohs which means the devices are future proofed to cater for additional print, copy and scan capacity

Benefits to the University

  • Reducing the number of local printers and scanners and consolidating into one single contract for print, copy and scan can save the University up to £350,000 per year.

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