Prepare for your email upgrade

How to prepare for your email upgrade to Office 365.

What do I need to do before my email account is upgraded?

  • Existing emails, calendar appointments and contacts will be migrated automatically
  • You should take a record of any shared mailboxes or shared calendars that you currently access, so that you can check to make sure you still have access when your email account is upgraded and add them again if necessary
  • Other email accounts such as Additional, Departmental accounts and Room and equipment mailboxes will be upgraded at the same time
  • Ensure you have connected your University laptop to the University network in the last 30 days

What happens during the upgrade?

  • Your email account will be unavailable for about 20 minutes whilst it is upgraded. This will affect Outlook on a University PC and any University or personal devices that your email account is connected to
  • You will still receive emails during your upgrade – they will not be rejected or delayed. The loss of access only affects your ability to view your email account and send an email.
  • Whilst your email is stored on a different email system, you may find additional mailboxes that you have in Outlook may disappear or you lose access. This happens when you or your colleague are upgraded and the other is not. This will be resolved when both email accounts are upgraded, this will be kept to a minimum.

Distribution Groups

  • Distribution Groups will be available to use, however owners will not be able to update the membership whilst they are moved to Office 365 email. If you need to update membership of a group, phone the IT Service Desk

Error messages

When other staff are upgraded, you may receive messages such as:

The Microsoft Exchange administrator has made a change that requires you quit and restart Outlook.

You should close and restart Outlook

What do I need to do afterwards?

  • You will receive an email with the subject line Your University email account has been upgraded. This will confirm that your University email account has been upgraded. It will advise you to complete these actions:
  • Check to make sure you can view this email on any devices you regularly access your email account e.g. University or personal mobile phone


  • On a University PC, Outlook will automatically recognize that your email has been upgraded. However you should expect to restart Outlook one or more times. The Microsoft Exchange administrator has made a change that requires you quit and restart OutlookYou will receive the notification:

    The Microsoft Exchange administrator has made a change that requires you quit and restart Outlook.

    You should
    close and restart Outlook
    • If you are unable to resolve an issue, restart you University PC and try again before contacting the IT Service Desk.
    • If restarting your PC does not resolve the issue, you should use Outlook on the web to allow you to access your email
  • On University PCs (desktops) when you first upgrade you will initially see a blank mailbox. It may take a little while for your email to appear in each folder.
    • On University PCs (desktops) you will initially only see emails in a folder from the last month
    • For University staff laptops you will initially see emails from the last 12 months as before - this has not changed as part of the email upgrade
    • Choose Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange to view previous emails:

    Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange

Access your email

From a browser

  • As part of the email upgrade your will be able to use the latest version of the Outlook Web App, which is now called Outlook on the Web. This offers some new features and improvements compared to the current version. See Outlook on the web Microsoft help.

From a mobile device

  • If your device is not receiving email you will need to remove the email account and set up your device again. Use your full email address e.g. (if you have a friendly email address you should use your username followed by
    • Alternatively, you may want to install the Outlook app on your mobile device, which is now available that your email account has been upgraded

Departmental and Additional mailboxes

PSTs and Online Outlook Archives

  • Your mailbox will be much larger, so if you currently store old emails in a PST or Online Outlook Archive, you should consider moving your email into your Office 365 mailbox. On laptops this will save you from backing up your PST regularly.

How do I get help?

If the information on this page or the frequently asked questions do not answer your question, the IT Service Desk are on hand to give you assistance. You can call 0116 252 2253 and press 2 or email about Office 365 email upgrade issues.

From 3 May 2017 the IT Service Desk will also be open from 7.00am until 5.00pm on each weekday to help with you any Office 365 email upgrade issues.

For help with anything else, the IT Service Desk are open during the normal hours. Phone 0116 252 2253 and press 1.

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