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Why are not all lectures recorded?

At the moment we are running a small trial of lecture capture so that we can evaluate the needs of the University.

Do I still need to attend recorded lectures?

Yes, you will still be expected to attend lectures as usual. The recordings are an extra resource that you may find useful for revision and reviewing complex areas.

Can I download the material rather than streaming?

No, for the purposes of the trial you cannot download the material. This is to avoid problems with copyright.

How do students access the material?

Students will be able to watch the recorded lectures from Blackboard. They will not be able to download the recordings.

Do I make all lecture material available?

You should make sure that the recording is a close as possible to the live lecture. You may wish to trim off the start and end of the recording, but where possible you should avoid changing the main body of the recording. There may be occasions when you need to remove sections, for example if you play a video that can be shown live but may not be recorded.

Will attendance in recorded lectures be affected?

There is evidence from other universities to suggest that attendance isn’t significantly affected by lecture capture. In cases where attendance is affected, this can be a useful stimulus to change teaching practice in order to improve student engagement.

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Can students distribute material without permission?

During the pilot, students will only be able to view recordings from Blackboard and will not be able to download or distribute the recordings.

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