BRISSkit - Biomedical Research Infrastructure Software Service kit

The BRISSkit platform development was funded in 4 stages between 2011-15, originally through the JISC UMF Shared Services and the Cloud Programme. The project is led by Dr Jonathan Tedds and drew on a wide range of expertise and stakeholders across academic, NHS, funder, industry and software development. Its main aim was to design, deliver and begin to exploit an active research database hosting service for researchers in the field of Biomedicine and Bioinformatics. Components were provided based on open source developed solutions which can be integrated with each other and securely hosted where appropriate over the JANET and NHS networks. Many of the innovations delivered are now being used and redeployed in a variety of settings at Leicester and beyond - see the updated BRISSKit community website including animated explainer, links to detailed technical description paper and case studies. The full software suite was also made available under open source licenses via GitHub in 2016 - see community site for details and installation instructions.

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About the project

At the heart of BRISSkit sits two data warehouses, one inside a hospital infrastructure, and the other outside. The data warehouse in the hospital can have sensitive patient data stored in it, this can range from questionnaires to clinical data. The external data warehouse had anonymised versions of the patient data on it (pushed from the hospital side), which allowed researchers to analyse clinical data while maintaining patient confidentiality.

The service was originally developed in partnership between the University of Leicester and the Leicester Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit based at the Glenfield Hospital in the University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust.


A blog was created to track the progress of this project.


We held a workshop in Leicester on Thursday 19th January 2012 - see details. Many more are detailed via the community website.

Further information

Further information about the original project can be found at the links below and up to date information at the BRISSkit community website.

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