How do I automatically connect to eduroam wifi rather than The Cloud?

There is no easy way to automatically connect eduroam rather than The Cloud if you have both setup on your device.

Here are some suggestions for how to overcome this:

Increase the priority of eduroam wifi

On some laptops, phones and tablets it may be possible to change the priority of wifi networks. You may be able to move eduroam so that it is higher up the list than The Cloud. Your device will then connect to eduroam wifi when available rather than the Cloud.

‘Forget’ the Cloud

You can choose to ‘Forget’ the cloud on your device and then you will continue to use eduroam wifi all the time you are on campus. As you need to, you can choose to connect to The Cloud wifi.

Use the FastConnect app

If you are likely to use The Cloud regularly and would prefer to not ‘Forget The Cloud’, you can install the FastConnect app on your phone or tablet. This will save you needing to enter your login details when your device connects to The Cloud.

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